Bob Stratton - Service 1 Marine, New Buffalo, MI/LaPorte, IN

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Bob was one of the first to have his boat launched in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan in April of 2019. While working on his boat, his dog slipped off the dock into the 30 degree water. All he had at his disposal was a line which he quickly fashioned into a loop. After some tense moments and quite a struggle, he and his girlfriend were able to get the loop around his 90 pound pup's neck and after what seemed like hours, was able to pull his dog to safety. After hearing Bob's story, Jerry Hinz introduced him to his invention: Cleat-Mate. Bob was amazed at the simplicity of the device and how well it works with the optional pet rescue safety belt. He will not leave the harbor without one on-board! Bob is totally sold on making Cleat-Mate available to all of his customers who want to make their boating as safe and enjoyable as possible. He feels strongly in the axiom: it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Purchase your Cleat-Mate from Bob at Service 1 Marine!

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